Cleaning water in UK

Nowadays the respect of the environment and the ecology seem to be at the heart of the preoccupations: people are starting to become aware of the importance of the respect of the natural resources, and espacially the water. Indeed it is a rare commodity that we have to preserve at any cost. However, it is one of the commodities most wastes through the world: currently the 98 percent of the used waters are not recycled, while so many populations still have no access to drinking water, and sometimes even to water full stop.

Situation of ecology in United Kingdom

The ecology in the United Kingdom is getting better and better: the country has been for a long time one of the biggest polluters of the planet, as a pioneer of the industrial revolution. But yet the government becomes more and more aware of the negative impact of the excessive human activity, and redoubles his efforts to improve the quality of life in the country: it especially calls for an increase of the number of water treatment plants, to enable the wastewater to be recycled and reused. The treatment of the used water allows us to save millions of liters a year.

How to clean sludge?

The sludge is collected after the last step of water treatment in a water treatment plant. This sewage sludge can be recycled and reused too, but it has to be treated as well before reusing it. Firstly it has to be thickened to increase the dry matter. Then it is dehydrated to remove a few water to make the storage easier. After the sludge is totally dried out to eliminate all the water in it, and it is stabilized to prevent the development bad smells because of the bacteria. Finally the sewage sludge is able to be stored and sent in other places to be reused.

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